Thanksgiving is celebrated October 9th 2017 and at Mayfield Flowers we have much to be thankful for.

Friends, family, and loyal customers all make our business possible from day to day. We could not be where we are without our dealers and suppliers.

We invite you to count your blessings this week, because there is much to be thankful for this holiday season.

We hope your Thanksgiving is filled with compassion, love, and thoughtfulness while you celebrate with your loves ones.

"There is no time more appropriate to say THANK YOU!"

No, it’s not a new holiday!

Resurrect Romance Week was established by Michael Webb in 1995. It is celebrated the 2nd week in August, six months after Valentine’s Day.

It’s a good time to surprise that someone special in your life with romantic gestures big and small. Of course, Mayfield Flowers couldn’t pass up the chance to say that we feel flowers are an essential part of romance.

Photo by Roman Kraft on Unsplash

Celebrated worldwide by believers in true romance

Creator of “The”.

Last minute wedding?

Big or small, we can help you choose the best flowers for your budget, visit us, or call us today!

Mayfield Flowers


When you order custom designs from us, they will be produced as closely as possible to your request. Please remember that each design is custom made. No two arrangements are exactly alike and color and/or variety substitutions of flowers and containers may be necessary. Prices and availability of seasonal flowers may vary. 

If you don't find exactly what you are looking for in our gallery, please let us custom design an arrangement for you.

Be sure to ask about cut off times for design and delivery. Some unique flower varieties may require 3 to 7 days lead time to ensure that they are available on the day that you need them.

Feel free to call and discuss any special needs with our staff. 780-489-8448

Lucky you! Someone has just sent you a tropical flower arrangement, now you might be wondering how to care for your beautiful bouquet.

If you have received a hand-tied bouquet (no vase or container), fill a container of your choice with water and use roughly a 1/4 of the food packet that came with your flowers. Give your stems a fresh cut on an angle, and remove any foliage that will fall below the water line.  This is important because that foliage will foul the water, and your flowers will not last as long.  

If you have received an arrangement in a vase or container, add some fresh water right away as they may have lost some water en route. 

Display your tropical bouquet at room temperature, out of direct sunlight.  Growing flowers love sunlight, cut flowers do not. Also, be sure to keep your flowers away from direct blowing air conditioners and heaters.

Since they come from humid, lush climes, tropical flowers will benefit from daily misting.  And don't forget to dump out the old water every two days and refill with fresh water, again using a sprinkle of the floral food.